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Conan is a detective.    And he is really, really good at what he does.  Like Sherlock Holmes, he can put together a pretty decent idea of someone's life just from clues in their appearance.  

Of course in RP those clues might not always be obvious. Especially when its a character I'm not as familiar with.  So it would really help me out a lot if you could answer these questions.

1: Name and Contact
2: Character Names and Journals
3. What does your character look like? Is there anything about their appearance that stands out? Do they have an accent?  Has their occupation left them with any calluses?  Do they have any hobbies that would affect their appearance?
4. What is Conan allowed to deduct about their lives?
5: Is there anything you don't want him to notice?
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Name: Lel
Contact Info: leloipa on plurk,
Other Characters Played: None
Preferred Apartment: None

Character Name: Conan Edogawa
Canon:  Detective Conan
Canon Point: Just after Chapter 824 (Belltree Express Arc)


The first thing anyone notices about Conan is his intelligence. He knows and understands far too much, even for his true age. Ask him about practically any topic and he can ramble about it knowledgeably. As the seven -year-old he appears to be he attempts to conceal the full extent of his knowledge and deduction skill, but he has never been very successful at this. He tries to appear like an ordinary child, but he doesn't really have clue what normal is.

He is brilliantly intelligent, cool-headed, independent, logical, and acerbic. And hopelessly in love with his childhood friend Ran. His ability for deductive logic, immense knowledge, and analytical ability make him an amazing detective. He is hardly ever wrong, once he has figured a case out. Even cases that have been labeled unsolvable.

But at the same times, his genius has created problems for him. He is completely unable to resist a mystery. If he finds one, his curiosity will not let him rest until he finds an answer. When in the middle of an investigation he often forgets the danger of hunting suspects in a child's body. He can deduct motives and solve impossibly complicated riddles, but he doesn't really understand people on a personal level. He didn't understand his own feelings for Ran until it was too late to tell her anything, and he has repeatedly missed obvious hints from others about their feelings for him. He can also be very forgetful about his personal life. He never remembers his own birthday, for example. He also has trouble relating to his peers. Even before his shrinking, he was almost completely isolated from his classmates, apart from Ran. He is most comfortable when dealing with adults at a professional level.

Whatever name you call him by, he has always had a habit of putting on different personalities to get the results he wants. Shinichi's core personality is a bored and irritable boy. He finds most of the typical occupations of his peers uninteresting and constantly runs a sarcastic commentary on the people around him. Only a few things can snap him out of this. Any mention of Sherlock Holmes will instantly turn him into an enthusiastic boy who can ramble on for hours. And the appearance of a mystery of any kind will instantly bring out his razor sharp focus. Once he is on the hunt to solve a mystery he is almost impossible to distract. He is a huge fan of soccer, and admits to a fondness for cheesecake. And there is Ran, of course. His most important person.

Even when he was still Shinichi, he admitted to deliberately putting on a mature and serious attitude so that the police would listen to him. As Conan now he often puts on an act of sugary enthusiasm for the benefit of adults. Especially when at a murder scene and drawing attention to vital clues. He is probably truest to his own personality among his classmates in first grade and among th few people who know his secret. But even with them he is secretive.

Currently Conan has only two goals in his life. First, to reclaim his old life and to finally confess his feelings to Ran. To do this he needs to find an antidote for the poison that turned him into a child and he needs to bring an end to the Black Organization. Secondly, he has the goal of finding the truth behind every crime he stumbles across.

He believes in justice. If finding the truth involves bending or breaking the law, he will do that without a seconds regret. He also believes that there is nothing that justifies the taking of a life, even if it is a murderer's life. Once he told a fellow high school detective that cornering someone with logic and allowing them to commit suicide was the same as committing murder themselves.

He has the worst luck in the world when it comes to stumbling across cases. He can't go anywhere without dead bodies turning up somewhere. Amusement parks, the mall, bus-rides, the beach, parties, restaurants, even if he is just walking down the street. If there is a crime happening anywhere in the area, he will be there. If there is a way for a person to die, he has probably seen it before. And no matter how horrific the scene, he is never phased. He sees bodies as evidence. Nothing more.

His forced second childhood has turned him into a kind of deadpan snarker. He is never shy about making acerbic observations about the people around him, though most of those comments never leave his head. Particularly if they're getting off track in a murder investigation. Additionally, his act as a child has made him more than a little manipulative. He is entirely capable of leading adults through an entire investigation without ever letting them know what was really happening. If they still don't get it, he will resort to drugging them and using them as living puppets.
He idolizes Sherlock Holmes, and has deliberately modeled himself after the detective. And he is a natural skeptic when it comes to ghosts, monsters, and magic. He has repeatedly run into murderers attempting to disguise their crimes as the works of ghosts or local monster stories. Upon meeting any people with such special powers here, he is likely to immediately assume it is a hoax to cover up for another crime.

Shinichi has a habit of taking everything on himself. He tends to be very closemouthed about the things that are really bothering him and will never ask for help even if he needs it. He often forgets just how physically vulnerable he is right now, especially when he gets caught up in the chase. He is terrified of the Black Organization ever discovering that Shinichi Kudo is still alive. But he is most terrified that Ran will get hurt. If it means that she won't get involved he is willing to lie directly to his best friend. Even if it means she will hate him if she ever finds out.

He's a detective. One of, if not the, best in his canon. Basically this means that he has incredible skills of observation, is good at reading criminal's intentions and is capable of putting together pieces of seemingly unrelated information to figure out the method and reasoning behind elaborate crimes. Conan has vast amounts of information memorized on hundreds of different topics. Most of them relating to solving murders. He has also shown other skills such as piloting aircraft, advanced marksmanship, knowledge of poisons and the human body and solving riddles and codes.

Conan always carries a number of disguised tools and gadgets, which he uses to make up for the weakness of his child's body. His most offensive weapons are his wristwatch and his shoes. His shoes are specially designed to temporarily increase his kicking power. Using them, he can knock criminals unconscious from hundreds of feet away. And has occasionally dented metal using a soccer ball. His wristwatch has a concealed sedative dart launcher.

His glasses have secondary uses as night vision goggles and as a homing device tracker. Conan's bowtie is a voice changer, and his belt buckle conceals an soccerball inflater and launcher.

The only really unusual ability he has isn't so much an ability as it is a condition. A year ago he was poisoned by an experimental drug called APTX4869. It was supposed to kill him, but instead he shrank to the size of a first grader. As of now, there is no permanent cure.


1. Skateboard
2. Kick Shoes
3. Stun Gun Wristwatch

Sample Entry:
Test Drive

Sample Entry Two:
  (Sample Originally written for thewake)
Conan scowls down at his notebook. Ever since arriving in this city he had been determinedly collecting every piece of information he could find about how this so-called bending worked. The very concept of bending reality was ridiculous. And the lack of interest he'd seen from many of the other people here was even worse. How could anyone simply accept something like this without understanding why it worked?

It was worse than all those times someone had tried to mislead the police with magic tricks. So many times he had seen common sleight of hand used to convince the witnesses that a crime had been committed by magic or a ghost. But every time he had been able to figure out the trick. Whatever the trick or deceit here, he would figure it out.

Holmes had said it, right? There should be no combination of events for which the wit of man cannot conceive an explanation. Like his idol, Conan had always firmly believed that there was nothing in the world that could not be explained.

Matter could not simply appear out of nothing. Reality could not bend purely through someone's will. This was basic physics. There must be some trick to this.

In the end this was just another puzzle. And there was no puzzle he couldn't solve. The more complicated it became, the more he became intrigued by it. Hidden under his folded hands, the boy's lips curve into a smug smirk. He would find the secret behind this, no matter how long it took.

Suddenly he stiffens as he hears the distinctive sounds of footsteps on the library floor. Conan hastily sweeps all his research into his backpack and conceals his collection of advanced science texts under more age appropriate books. By the time the adult comes into eyesight there is nothing left to show he is anything more than a kid doing homework.

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Spike the Dragon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Despite being a dragon, Spike strongly reminds Conan of the Detective Boys.  He's a good kid with an interest in detective work.  But despite all that, still a kid.  And thus someone Conan wants to protect.  And keep far, far away from the danger of his life.  Unfortunately Spike seems determined to be involved.

Sherlock Holmes BBC Sherlock
A very fascinating man, despite being one of the most irritating individuals Conan has ever met.  Obviously a brilliant detective, although he has never given a deduction in Paradisa.  It is very strange that he shares the same name as Conan's favorite fictional detective, but Conan still refuses to believe that they are the same person.  There are too many details that are different.  Besides, no real detective can possibly measure up to how incredible Holmes is.

Currently Conan is very unhappy with Sherlock.  Thanks to a shared nightmare event Sherlock was able to walk into his head and see more about his past than Conan ever wanted anyone in Paradisa to know.    He is attempting to escape from Sherlock while revealing as little of the truth as possi

James Moriarty BBC Sherlock
Another interesting person.  The fact that he shared a name with the legendary criminal from the Sherlock Holmes novels had interested Conan enough to keep an eye on his activities over the journals, but there were no major interactions until the nightmare plot.  There, Moriarty witnessed Conan's encounter with a nightmare of the Organization.  Upon the end of the plot, he made several strange comments regarding criminal organizations and his similarity to Sherlock that have raised Conan's paranoia to previously unseen levels.

Dairine Callahan So You Want to be a Wizard
Perfect Frenemies.  They are two kids too smart for their ages who seem to be unable to conduct a conversation without attempting to troll the other while being complete brats.  There has been mocking, sly insults, and much complaining about the Castle's liking for sticking them in ridiculous costumes.  

Galadriel Lord of the Rings
Another complicated relationship.  She seems to believe in some kind of magic, but reacted to Conan's disbelief with amusement.  He has the sneaking suspicion that she finds his efforts to find logical scientific explanations for the Castle more entertaining than anything else.  And then there was their last meeting, where she lectured him for his recent antics and manipulations.  He still remembers this resentfully.  It isn't like hes areal child, you know.  He can more than take care of himself.  And if he was the only one put at risk, why should anyone else care?

Celeborn Lord of the Rings
They've only met once, but it was memorable.  Conan still resents being scolded and lectured for being arrogant.  How can he be arrogant when he was right?  Celeborn is going straight on his list of unhelpful adults.  

Legolas Lord of the Rings
Another Elf.  At least this one isn't as irritating as the other two he's met.  An archer.

Dr. Carson Beckett Stargate Atlantis
Figured out Conan's secret thanks to a genetic scanner.  Currently investigating the possibility of a cure for Apotoxin.  Closest thing Conan has to an ally in Paradisa, although there are still a lot of things Conan hasn't informed him about.  The extremely high risk of death, for one thing.  Carson still knows more about Conan than anyone else in the castle.

James Watson Sanctuary
Another detective.  Figured out parts of Conan's secrets after a deaging loss turned him into a child version of Shinichi.  Haven't talked in a while.

John Watson BBC Sherlock
Some awkwardness, mostly due to Conan's social awkwardness/accidentally being a creepy child and differing opinions on how to handle Sherlock being a jerk.  Haven't talked in a while.

Matsukaze Tenma canon
Soccer Buddies

Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney
A surprisingly useful adult.  Willing to play Chess with a kid.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney
An adult who needs a full-time babysitter.

Edward Cowboy Bebop
An annoying acquaintance.  Claims to be a detective.

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